Welcome to Newports Institute of Communications and Economics
NICE offers you the flexibility to fit your classes to meet your lifestyle. You can balance your classes between work and family responsibilities. Students can choose between our conveniently located three purposes built campuses in Karachi area. You can choose when and how you learn from our wide range of popular courses with undergraduate and graduate degrees, diploma, and certificate programs to meet your career goals.

NICE offers an affordable and convenient tuition fee plan to fit your financial capacity. We offer a wide range of scholarships and reduced or free tuition options to students, who belong to economically disadvantaged backgrounds, and who could not afford to pay our already low-cost tuition fees. NICE provides multiple Financial Assistance or numerous Scholarships to students.


The Newports Institute of Communication and Economics (NICE) has a modern and purpose-built three beautiful campuses located in three different areas such as; Shah-re-faisal, North Nazimabad and Malir. The purpose of choosing different location is to provide convenience to our current and prospect students. All of NICE campuses are well equipped with adequate teaching equipment that enable NICE to keep pace with the dynamics of the local and International market. A key objective of NICE is to provide its students quality academic and non-academic facilities, excellent learning environment and support. We have equipped our campuses to provide most of the necessary and adequate requirements essential in a higher education setup.

NICE libraries aspires to support learning, teaching and research at the institute by developing as well as introducing innovative systems and services with the customer-centered approach. The library services have completely been revamped and have come a long way from what they used to be in the past. Nowadays, the faculty, students and staff are now provided with the services that are at par excellence as to the any global academic library. NICE has three modern and fully established Library facilities at the Main Campus library, whereas a recently established a dedicated technical library at North Nazimabad Campus. In total student has an access to a repository of over 10,000 latest books, magazines and over 25 International research journals (having over 1.0 impact factor) in the fields of business management, economics, education, engineering and technology and many other related disciplines. NICE library not only contains a large collection of printed books but also have many eBooks available on computer for students on various topics. Library is also connected with HEC digital library that provides online access to a huge database of eBooks, journals and publications.
IT infrastructure

The NICE’s computing facility are continuously being upgraded to keep them in sync with the fast paced advance in computing technologies. NICE believes that a modern IT infrastructure is absolutely essential for faculty, students as well as administration for providing quality education and support. NICE has multiple computer labs consists of fully networked state of the art computers with high speed internet access. Computer LABS hardware and software are upgraded regularly to ensure availability of up-to-date computing facilities to our students. The NICE has provided separate labs for general computational work and CAD applications to its technology students.
In order to impart quality education NICE has established 12 LABs each equipped with latest equipment. These LABs meet the core requirements of B-Tech and BS programs. The experiments in each of these LABs are conducted by students under supervision of experienced faculty and staff. Additional LABs in specific areas are under development and soon will be made available to students. The following LAB facilities are available to B-Tech and BS- Technology students;
•Basic Physics Laboratory

•Basic Chemistry Laboratory

•Design and Drafting Laboratory

•Engineering Mechanics and Structures Laboratory

•Microprocessor and Microcontroller Laboratory

•Renewable Energy Laboratory

•Basic Electrical Engineering Laboratory

•Digital Electronics Laboratory

•Basic Electronics Laboratory

•Electrical Machines and Control Systems Laboratory

•CAD/CAM Computer Laboratory

•Digital Signal Processing LAB


The NICE has its own buses serving different routes for the convenience of the students. Besides this, private and public transport also serves to all three campuses. NICE’s all three campuses are located in the heart of Karachi City. Therefore, public transport such as; buses, taxis and rikshaws are available at all the time. In addition, spacious parking facility is also available in all the campuses for those students that use their private transportation.
Extra & Co-curricular Activities

NICE offers their students to explore their talents and provides a platform through which they can strengthen or polish their talents. Extra-curricular activities are extremely important for the students because they are building blocks and provide directions to the students in a very constructive ways. Therefore, NICE focuses on providing different opportunities to students in terms of Sports facility, Public speaking forums, entertainment opportunities and social responsibility activities.
•Seven Student Societies operated and managed by students

•Students are actively involved in Community and Social Services.

•Students are responsible for all the events of the Institute

• Events and Seminars



•Guest Speakers Session

•Business Idea Exhibition

•Annual Picnic

•Annual functions

• HEC Scholarships :

Full of Lively Moments at NICE
Over the last decade, Newports Institute of Communications and Economics (NICE) has been revolutionizing the way education is carried out in the region. NICE always focuses on providing recreational facilities and prominent faculty members to our students. NICE provides a gaming area to its students, where they can take a brief break from their study and enjoy some quality time at gaming area that includes; Foosball Table, Basketball, Table Tennis, badminton, Chase, Ludo, and Carrom board. In addition, Students of NICE strives hard to meet the high expectations every day. Students are flooded with quizzes, assignments, final projects, mid-terms and final examinations that requires rigorous team work and meeting deadlines. Therefore, NICE not only focuses on providing quality education to its students but also paying more attention on providing fun, adventures and lots of celebrations.

Opportunities for Extra & Co Curricular Activities

Newports Institute has thorough understanding of the importance of Extra or Co-curricular activities. Extracurricular activities are heart and soul of every education Institute, because extra and co-curricular activities helps the students in a constructive ways. Therefore, our institute makes sure that our students must involve in extracurricular activities to become more positive, strengthen their skills, putting their talent in a right direction and learn from every moment. Our institute striving hard to provide opportunities to our students to indulge in activities that are beneficial for their academic, personal and professional life. NICE has been providing immense opportunities to our students in terms of extracurricular activities that includes; Participation in International Conventions, representing Newports Institute in different huge Quorums, arranging Sports Tournaments, Cultural Events, Annual Picnics, Guest Speakers Sessions and business Ideas Exhibition etc.

Celebrating Every Moment

NICE students’ believe in celebrations and turning a dull moment into very lively and vibrant events. Currently, there are seven student societies are actively working in the areas like; Civic and Social Responsibility (Planetary Society), Sports Club, Drama Club, Music Club, Leaders Forum, Arts and Culture Society and NICE Entrepreneurial Society (NES).

Alumni and Student Interaction

NICE institute focuses on the creating sense of belongingness among its Alumni. In the quest of this, we tend to increase our interaction with our Alumni that are currently working in different national as well as Multinational Organization of Pakistan. The continuous interaction with NICE Alumni provides inspiration, guidance and career direction to our existing students.

The purpose of internship is to provide Newports’ students to get relevant corporate experience in eminent organizations. It provides students the opportunity to work on meaningful assignments and gain real-world experience. Therefore, makes them instantly useful to the organizations they join upon graduation. Moreover, after experiencing a particular job environment and witnessing what it requires, students may decide right career for themselves prior to graduation.

The internship is compulsory for all MBA, BBA, BSCS and BTECH final year students, and has a minimum duration of six consecutive weeks. Internship is equal to 03 credit hours and is included in CGPA of intern. Executive students are exempted from the internship program as they are already on the job.

The internship is compulsory for all MBA, BBA, BSCS and BTECH final year students, and has a minimum duration of six consecutive weeks. Internship is equal to 03 credit hours and is included in CGPA of intern. Executive students are exempted from the internship program as they are already on the job.

Eligibility Criteria:

MBA: Minimum CGPA = 2.8 + Student should have completed two semesters of study at Newports “or” Should have completed 75 credit hours.

For masters only 90 Credit Hours MBA student is required.

BBA/BSCS/BTECH: Minimum CGPA= 2.4 + Student should have completed Six semesters of study at Newports “or” Should have completed 90 credit hours.

MBA & BBA (Hons) students having completed the Method in business Research (MBR) course.

Requirements of the Internship and Submission of Report:

Internee is required to get registered for internship program immediately after the opening is announced. Forms submitted after the due date are not accepted. Internship registration form will be available at Career Development Cell.

Details about the Internship (Company Name, Date of commencement of internship) are required to be shared by intern to Career Development Cell.

All sponsoring organizations are requested to evaluate the intern’s performance on a prescribed form which is discussed with the intern so as to focus on his/ her strengths and weaknesses.

It is the responsibility of the concerned internee to receive the Internship Evaluation Form filled by his/her supervisor in the company of internship and submit it to the Career Development Cell. The Form will be emailed by Career Development Cell to the company prior to the completion of internship.

Internship will be allowed only in organizations approved by Career Development Cell, and change of organization without department’s permission, is not allowed.

Report should be submitted in Hard Copy within two weeks (14 days) after the completion of internship. Late submission will not be accepted and the said internship will be cancelled.

Reports after review by Career Development Cell will be submitted to the HODs’ of respective departments who will further assigned them to the experts/instructors of relevant areas/subjects.

Reports are graded as follow:

A-Grade = 3.89 Points B-Grade = 3.33 Points

Grades lower than ‘B’ are considered ‘satisfactory’ and are not awarded any marks. Interns who fail to get a passing grade are required to re-write their reports.

If in the internship report, the evaluation is not found according to the given guidelines by the evaluator than internee will have to rewrite Internship Report as per instructions of the evaluator.