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Guidelines for Applying Scholarships / Financial Assistance

NICE offers its valued students scholarships and financial assistance on the basis of following guidelines and parameters:

1. Merit Based Scholarships

Students who have secured top three positions in their previous academics are eligible for up to 50% reduction in their fees.

2. Need Based /Non affording students

Students applying for scholarship/fee reduction are entertained in the following manner:

• Sindh Govt. Endowment Fund: Upto 100% reduction in tuition fees to students selected after Interviews by relevant authority

• General Upto 50% reduction in tuition fees (students’ requests are handled and processed on case to case basis and the final decision is made on the basis of various attributes)

• New Admissions: Fresh students applying and selected for admission are allowed up to 10-25% fee reduction on the basis of previous academic records and on need basis

• Payment of Full fees at the start of each Semester: Those students who opt for lump sum or complete payment of their semester’s fee at the beginning of each semester may avail a 10% discount in their Fees.

3. Financial Assistance based on Student’s extra-curricular Activities

4. Tuition fees reduction for Hafiz- e- Quran Students

Instructions for Applying for Scholarships/Fee Discounts:

Students will be required to submit following documents/details:

• Signed Application by a student (email or handwritten) requesting for fee discounts/scholarships. Please explain reasons and detailed circumstances in the application to avail fee discounts

• Grade sheet displaying results of all courses taken at NICE

• Following Support Documents/Evidence will be required for Need Based Scholarship Applications such as;

a. Latest Utility Bills

b. Tenancy Agreement or proof of Residence

c. Personal (or Parent/Guardian) Salary Slip Students are required to submit the above mentioned documents to Admissions Dept. for processing, and shall be informed after a decision is made.


Please note that the Management reserves its right to accept/deny requests of financial assistance by students. Students are also informed that by just submitting an application of financial assistance or scholarship, does not make them eligible for the above until a decision is made accordingly.