Welcome to Newports Institute of Communications and Economics
A key objective of NICE is to provide its students quality academic and non-academic facilities, excellent learning environment and support. We have equipped our buildings to provide most of the necessary and adequate requirements essential in a higher education setup. NICE infrastructure provisions adequate and sufficient amenities and services to NICE students such as:  

Classrooms at NICE are specifically designed and equipped to provide an environment conducive to learning and are equipped with most of the modern teaching and learning tools. 

NICE has modern and fully established Library facilities whereas has recently established commissioned a brand new custom built Information Resource Center. NICE has established libraries to cater to the needs of its students by assisting and guiding them to enhance their studies and research through books and research journals. NICE Library includes a wide collection of reference books, research journals and other publications offering a huge treasure of enriched knowledge to its students.   Students can easily access journal database online and the library is also connected to HEC digital library that provides online access to a huge database of eBooks, journals, and publications. In addition, to further facilitate students we also are running book bank/loan services for our students.   NICE Library also subscribes to a number of magazines to update student’s knowledge on the current developments taking place nationally and internationally. NICE also frequently improves its library by the addition of an extensive variety of quality books that can cater the needs of the students and its faculty.

NICE regularly publish a number of research journals in a variety of fields. Two of NICE journals in the fields of Social Sciences and Computer Science are duly recognized by HEC. NICE also facilitate its faculty and students to publish their research work hassle free. 

Computer LAB
NICE has multiple computer labs consists of fully networked state of the art computers with high speed internet access.  Computer LABS hardware and software are upgraded regularly to ensure availability of up-to-date computing facilities to our students. The NICE also provides separate labs for general computational work and CAD applications to its technology students. 

In order to impart quality education NICE has established 12 LABs each equipped with latest equipment. These LABs meet the core requirements of B-Tech and BS programs. The experiments in each of these LABs are conducted by students under supervision of experienced faculty and staff.  Additional LABs in specific areas are under development and soon will be made available to students. The following LAB facilities are available to B-Tech and BS- Technology students.

Basic Physics Laboratory
2. Basic Chemistry Laboratory
3. Design and Drafting Laboratory
4. Engineering Mechanics and Structures Laboratory
5. Microprocessor and Microcontroller Laboratory 
6. Renewable Energy Laboratory 
7. Basic Electrical Engineering Laboratory 
8. Digital Electronics Laboratory 
9. Basic Electronics Laboratory
10. Electrical Machines and Control Systems Laboratory
11. CAD/CAM Computer Laboratory
12. Digital Signal Processing LAB  

Machine Work Shop
NICE has also established a work shop equipped with latest machining facilities and a rich variety of hand tools for B-Tech and BS students. The student now can learn a variety of key skills required for employment in manufacturing industry at home and abroad.
NICE Auditorium, having a seating capacity of 400 students altogether, equipped with Audio-Visual aids and in theatric formation going through construction phase and shall be operational very soon. NICE has fully air-conditioned seminar halls, conference rooms available for faculty and student group meetings etc.

Sports Facility
Physical activities of the students are essential for their personal growth and development therefore NICE provides its students with an opportunity to actively participate in various events related to sports.
  Indoor sports such as table tennis, badminton, throw ball, volleyball, and basketball are offered on the college campus.  
For outdoor sports such as cricket, football, and hockey, KMC sports complex and sporting facilities provided by other public/private organizations are at our dispose and is utilized by the Institute at various occasions.

Students Recreation Area
Students are provided with a spacious recreation area for socializing, sports and other extra- curricular activities.

tudents of NICE have also been provided with a Canteen with modern equipment having congenial and healthy atmosphere.