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NICE ALUMNI ASSOCIATION Functions and Responsibilities

The members of NICE Alumni Association (NAA) shall be responsible for completing the following tasks and functions:

Follow the trends of Alumni Council/Association by pursuing:
a.    Excellence
b.    Continuing relationship with NICE and its students
c.    Achieve inclusiveness and diversity
d.    Act as a brand Ambassador and an Advocate of NICE

Attend meetings and functions of NAA devotedly as a member;

3.    Help to develop and participate energetically in strategic planning to promote alumni awareness, engagement, and commitment to a NICE graduate;
4.    Enthusiastically communicate the mission and purpose of the Institute and Alumni Association to the wider alumni population;
5.    Support a strong relationship between the NAA and graduates with the existing students of NICE;
6.    Remain constantly informed about the NAA objectives, services, priorities, and programs;
7.    Recognize the loyalty, professional achievement and community service by fellow NICE students and graduates;
8.    Assist existing students of NICE and fellow alumni in career planning, placement and job switch etc.;
9.    Encourage highly qualified and diverse prospective students to join NICE;
10. Develop strong working relationships with other members of NAA;
11. Promote NICE whenever an opportunity arises;
12. Provide whatever financial support available to NAA through own or indirect resources to cover alumni dues and encourage fellow alumni to do the same alumni to do the same