Alumni Office

The Office of Alumni Relations has been established by the institute to facilitate the link between the Institute and our alumni and to achieve the following objectives:To share and update NICE achievements, progress and developments with our graduates

  • To utilize alumni knowledge and skills in shaping the growth and strategic direction of NICE
  • To offer various services to alumni as recognition of their alumni status
  • To involve senior alumni in facilitating employability and internships for junior and fresh alumni
  • To encourage and foster lifelong alumni participation, involvement, and commitment
  • To strengthen the bond between NICE management and its graduates
  • To increase the participation, involvement and communication with NICE alumni
  • To continue and serve as the primary communication link between the Institute and its alumni

Achieving these goals will require a tremendous team effort, and it will be important to enlist the assistance of University administration, friends of the Institute, and of course…The Alumni!
We recognize, acknowledge, and embrace our alumni as vital stakeholders in the advancement of the Institute. Therefore, we encourage all alumni to participate in and support the programs, services, and numerous campus activities and events. Please stay connected through involvement and participation in the NICE Alumni Association. We also encourage each alumnus and friend of the Institute to be ambassadors for NICE in their respective communities by assisting with the recruitment of students and by supporting programs via your time, talent, and finances.

To start with we would encourage you to connect with your faculty at NICE Alumni Office and fill the Alumni form to start the process. Update your address and current occupation and connect with fellow students of your graduating class through us.