BBA Degree Programs

Admission Policy & Regulations

Students seeking admissions at NICE will have to follow the given eligibility, procedures and regulations:

Under Graduate (Bachelor) Degree Programs

For Bachelor of Science in Computer Science (BS in CS) Degree Program

Degree Eligibility Criteria:  The candidates must have completed the following:

  1. At least ‘C’ Grade or 50% in HSSC/Intermediate ‘or’
  2. ‘A’ Level/Other National/International Certifications (Intermediate equivalency from Inter Board Committee of Chairmen (IBCC) is required


Entry Tests: As the first part of the admission process, intended students are appeared in the Aptitude Test for admissions conducted by the Institute, before the start of a semester. Aptitude test is composed of number of short questions and is divided into ‘six’ parts, mentioned below:

  1. Vocabulary
  2. Structure & written expression
  3. Reading Comprehension
  4. Arithmetic Problems
  5. Number/Letter Series Problems
  6. Figure Series Problems

Interview: Successful candidates of the aptitude tests are called for the interview by a team of Faculty Members, Subject Experts or other relevant members.





Grades obtained Matric/O Level or Equivalent



Grades obtained HSSC / A-Level / DAE or Equivalent

40 %


Grades obtained in Graduation/Bachelor Program

Not Applicable


Aptitude Test (Passing Marks 50%)

40 %


Interviews (Evaluation on the basis of subject knowledge, communication, personality etc.)

10 %



100 %

100 %



Business Administration

    • BBA (Hons.)4 Year Program — (Regular Course)

      BBA (HONS.) – 4 YEARS
      Regular Course

      Semester 1

      Code Title
      MAN 101 Principles of Management
      ACC 100 Fundamentals of Accounting
      CSC 101 Computer Concepts and Applications
      MTH 110 Business Mathematics
      COM 004 Basic English*
      ECO 105 Micro & Managerial Economics

      Semester 2

      Code Title
      MKT101 Principles of Marketing
      ECO 110 Macro Economics
      ECO 110 Pak Studies & Islamic Studies
      MTH210 Advanced Business Mathematics
      ACC 205 Financial Accounting
      COM008 Approaches to Academic Reading & Writing*

      Semester 3

      Code Title
      FIN 101 Introduction to Business Finance
      CSC 105 Software Packages
      COM 105 Methods in Business Writing
      MAN 105 Organizational Behavior
      STA 205 Quantitative Skills and Analysis
      MKT 201 Marketing Management

      Semester 4

      Code Title
      ACC 215 Cost & Managerial Accounting*
      COM140 Effective Speech
      STA 315 Statistical Inference
      FIN 201 Financial management
      SS 105 Sociology
      SS210 Social Entrepreneurship
      FL 101 French I

      Semester 5

      Code Title
      COM 210 Business Communication
      MKT 215 Methods in Business Research
      ACC 305 Laws of Taxation
      MAN 110 Entrepreneurship
      SS205 Psychology
      FL 102 French II

      Semester 6

      Code Title
      MAN315 Productions & Operations Management
      HRM205 Human Resource Management
      FIN 304 Money and Banking
      PHL 205 Logic
        Elective I**
        Elective II**

      Semester 7

      Code Title
      CSC 384 E- Commerce
      LAW 104 Business Law
      ECO 120 Pakistan Economy
        Elective III**
        Elective IV**

      Semester 8

      Code Title
        Business Internship
        Comprehensive research report based on area of specialization

      *It is a non-credit but mandatory course for each student to improve the fluency and command over English language and composition

      **These subjects can be replaced with the Elective Course related to the respective areas of specialization.

    • BBA (Hons.)4 Year Program — Elective Course

      BBA (HONS.) – 4 YEARS
      Elective Course


      Code Title
      MKT 302 Consumer Behavior
      MKT 309 Brand Management
      MKT 312 Advertising, Sales Promotion and Event Management
      MKT 317 Media Planning
      MKT 319 Direct Marketing & Sales promotion
      MKT 322 Services Marketing
      MKT 327 International/ Global Marketing
      MKT 329 Export Marketing
      MKT 332 Personal Selling
      MKT 337 Merchandising
      MKT 339 Industrial Marketing

      Human Resource

      Code Title
      HRM 311 Strategic Human Resource Management
      HRM 314 Training and Development
      HRM 319 Industrial Relations
      HRM 321 Public Relations
      HRM 329 Performance Appraisal Management
      HRM 324 Compensation Management
      HRM 334 Japanese Management Practices
      HRM 339 Executive Development
      HRM 331 Business Process Reengineering & Change Management

      Finance And Banking

      Code Title
      FIN 307 International Finance
      FIN 310 Corporate Finance
      FIN 314 Money and Capital Markets
      FIN 317 Portfolio Management
      FIN 320 Investment Banking & Security Analysis
      FIN 324 Project Appraisal
      FIN 327 Treasury and Fund Management
      FIN 330 Foreign Trade And Banking
      FIN 334 Risk Management
      FIN 337 Investment Analysis


      Code Title
      CSC 326 Global Information Technology
      CSC 330 Project Management
      CSC 333 Information System Security
      CSC 336 Managerial Decision Models
      CSC 339 Data Mining & Warehousing
      CSC 386 E-Commerce Technology
      CSC 345 Knowledge Management Systems
      CSC 395 Enterprise Resource Planning
      CSC 326 Global Information Technology


      Code Title
      ACC 320 Advanced Managerial Accounting
      ACC 310 Advanced Financial Accounting
      ACC 308 Auditing
        Advanced Cost Accounting

      Supply Chain Management

      Code Title
      SCM310 Tools, Techniques & Modern Trends In Supply Chain Management
      SCM315 Strategic Supply Chain Management
      SCM320 Logistics
      SCM325 Warehouse Operations Management
      SCM330 E-commerce & the Supply Chain
      SCM335 Public Procurement
      SCM340 Inventory Management
      SCM345 Materials Management
      SCM350 Capacity Management
      SCM355 Enterprise Resources Planning (ERP)

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