The Department of Technology has its educational goal of producing eminent technical professionals who can effectively contribute to the knowledge advancement and wellbeing of the country.

In this modern technological era, technical knowledge become an important tool to handle complex situations and plays a leading role in industrial activities carried out to all disciplines. The students who will successfully complete their 12 years of educational degree and interested in higher studies will be welcomed.

In the subsequent years NICE is also planning to start research and development activities to facilitate the students to enroll themselves in technical courses. In this regard HEC criteria for admission in said programs followed in letter and spirit. Department of Technology is expected to play a key role in undergraduate teaching activities of the Institute.

The B Tech (Pass) program also prepares graduates with skills, knowledge and attributes that will be needed for a successful career and professional accomplishments of task after their education.

Mission Statement

The Mission of the Department of technology is to serve society through excellence in education and service. We provide for our students an education in technology with real theoretical and practical example and we attempt to encourage them for attitudes and values that will prepare them for a lifetime of continued learning and leadership. Through technical expertise, the Department strives to generate new knowledge and technology for the benefit of everyone.

Department Objectives

The Department of Technology strives to achieve quality in education, adaptability to changing needs of industry and unbiased accessibility of its programs to all aspiring students which translate into the following objectives.

  • Provide professionally competent student-oriented faculty and staff.
  • Demonstrate excellent and effective teaching to ensure professionally competent graduates capable to advance rapidly in their respective areas of specialization.
  • Create and maintain safe and healthy environment conducive to academic excellences and growth for all students.
  • Develop regionally and nationally recognized programs
  • Respond to regional and national industry needs by designing curriculum and instructional methodologies and to provide appropriate laboratory.
  • Ensure continued professional competence of faculty and staff in teaching, creative endeavors, and service.
  • Promote advancement of knowledge through research and publication by both faculty and students.
  • Provide open access for those who wish to seek admission in various programs of study without bias to caste, class, creed, religion and gender.