Masters in Computer Science

Admission Policy & Regulations

Students seeking admissions at NICE will have to follow the given eligibility, procedures and regulations:

Graduate Degree (Masters) Programs

For MS in Computer Science Program

Degree Eligibility Criteria:

  • BS (Computer Science) degree program with minimum 130 credit hours from a HEC recognized Institute/University ‘or’
  • Computer Science Conversion Course 2 Years degree program referred to as “MCS” or “MSc (CS)” ‘or’
  • BCS-3 years degree program (Student will be required to complete the deficiency of difference of total earned credit hours and 120 credit hours) ‘or’
  • 16 year Science and Engineering graduates are eligible but they have to cover deficiency



Entry Tests: As the first part of the admission process, intended students are appeared in the Aptitude Test for admissions conducted by the Institute, before the start of a semester. Aptitude test is composed of number of short questions and is divided into ‘six’ parts, mentioned below:

  1. Vocabulary
  2. Structure & written expression
  3. Reading Comprehension
  4. Arithmetic Problems
  5. Number/Letter Series Problems
  6. Figure Series Problems

Interview: Successful candidates of the aptitude tests are called for the interview by a team of Faculty Members, Subject Experts or other relevant members.





Grades obtained Matric/O Level or Equivalent



Grades obtained HSSC / A-Level / DAE or Equivalent

40 %


Grades obtained in Graduation/Bachelor Program

Not Applicable


Aptitude Test (Passing Marks 50%)

40 %


Interviews (Evaluation on the basis of subject knowledge, communication, personality etc.)

10 %



100 %

100 %

Computer Science

  • MS (Computer Science) — 2 Year (Regular Course)

    MS (Computer Science) —2 Year
    Regular Course

     Degree Requirement: 12 Courses + 1 thesis
     CSC 514  Parallel Computing
     CSC 512  Digital image processing
     CSC 552  Software quality assurance
     PHL 511  Business & trade ethics
     STA 510  Simulation & modeling
     CSC 543  Data Mining & Warehousing
     CSC 566  Adv. Communication Networks
     CSC 553  Object Oriented Analysis & Design
     CSC 513  Adv. Algorithmic Design
     CSC 538  Distributed Databases
       Elective – I
       Elective – II
  • MS (Computer Science) —2 Year (Elective Course)

    MS (Computer Science) —2 Year
    Elective Course

    Systems Engineering
    CSC 550 Object Oriented Design
    CSC 554 Software Management & Economics
    CSC 556 Team Software Process
    CSC 522 Compiler Construction
    CSC 559 Legacy Systems & Software
    CSC 560 Computer Vision
    CSC 561 Expert Systems
    CSC 562 Real Time Systems
    Data Communication & Networks
    CSC 569 Fault Tolerant Systems
    CSC 571 Protocol & Socket Design
    CSC 574 Network Programming
    CSC 572 Wireless Application Protocol
    CSC 575 Network Management
    CSC 578 Queuing Theory
    CSC 576 Network Security Issues
    Database Management Systems
    CSC 536 Database System Integration
    CSC 538 Distributed Databases
    CSC 540 Client Server Applications
    CSC 541 Database Servers
    CSC 543 Data Mining & Warehousing
    CSC 545 E-Databases
    CSC 547 Database Performance Monitoring
    Web Engineering
    CSC 581 Active Server Pages
    CSC 583 Intranet Development
    CSC 584 Web Programming Languages
    CSC 586 E-Commerce Technology
    CSC 588 E-Business
    CSC 589 Legal Issues In E-Business
    CSC 591 Cyber Laws & Policies
    CSC 592 Communication Electronics
    CSC 593 Network Analysis
    CSC 594 Signals and Systems
    CSC 595 Antenna and Microwave Engineering
    CSC 596 Microprocessor and Applications
    CSC 597 Linear Control Systems
    CSC 598 Digital Signal Processing
    CSC 599 Wireless Mobile Communication
    CSC 600 Optical Fiber Theory and Techniques
    CSC 601 Satellite Communication Systems
    CSC 602 Digital Communication and Information Theory

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