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Why choose NICE?

Choosing a school that will take you to the epitome of your career, is a very difficult process, and may take many aspects to take into consideration. At Newports Institute of Communications and Economics (NICE), you can really discover yourself and aim to climb the ladder of success to the top rung or your career.

Propel Your Career with Our Courses

NICE offers you industry specific subjects, which provides you with plenty of skills and expertise to become a successful part of the industry of your choice. We offer you courses that will make you more valuable in your current role and future endeavors. Our courses are delivered by knowledgeable faculty, which brings their industry specific experiences to your classroom. Our programs are designed to give you a learning experience that will make you feel and look outstanding at your job. The knowledge and professional skills you gain from your studies at NICE will help you outshine in the competitive job market and become financially secure and independent.

Convenient Learning Choices

NICE offers you the flexibility to fit your classes to meet your lifestyle and schedule. You can balance your classes between work and other responsibilities. Take our E-classes or choose between our conveniently located three beautiful campuses in Karachi. You can choose when and how you learn from our wide range of popular courses with undergraduate and graduate degrees, diploma, and certificate programs to meet your career goals.

Tuition Fee

NICE offers an affordable and convenient tuition fee plan to fit your financial capacity. We offer a wide range of scholarships and reduced or free tuition options to students, who belong to economically disadvantaged backgrounds, and who could not afford to pay our already low-cost tuition fees. Please check with our Financial Assistance Department to find out if you qualify for a reduced or free of cost tuition plan.